All 1st time cleaning services are based on an hourly rate.
Hourly rates are based on the size of the team.
Our deep cleans will range from 1 to 2 ½ hours per 1000 sq. ft.
There are several factors that can make one home more time consuming than another.
Examples: glass shower doors, white cabinets, white baseboards/doors, and white blinds.

We do not mind scheduling a time to meet with you prior to your first deep clean, however providing an accurate estimate is difficult due to us not being able to determine how easy it will be to remove the “grime” until we are actually scrubbing. If you have a specific budget you need to adhere to, we will be glad to work with you.

If you choose to enlist regular services after your initial clean it becomes a maintenance clean. During these visits we will be maintaining everything we did during our first visit to your home. Maintenance cleans will be a flat fee/same price every visit; this flat rate will be determined upon completion of your deep clean.

To make our first visit as easy & efficient as possible, please:


  • Pick up as best as possible
  • Move furniture away from walls so baseboards are easily accessible.
  • Please put all irreplaceable and high value items in a safe location
  • Any bedding to be changed—sheets, blankets, etc.—needs to be left on the bed.


*Please note we do not clean flat panel TV screens or computer monitors*


Deep Clean Cancellation Policy Fees

When we schedule you for a deep clean we are reserving a team, a time slot and at least a half of a day for this visit. If you need to cancel or reschedule your deep clean we require a 48 hour notice. If you canceling within 48 hours, it's unfair to the potential clients we have turned away and our team members who now have no work. In the event that you do cancel with less than 48 hours notice, we will be forced to charge you the hourly rate of one hour based on the number of team members scheduled for that day.

Maintenance Cleaning Cancellation Policy Fees

If for any reason you need to change your scheduled appointment, please give us a full 24 hours' notice. Once we take a reservation, we hold that time slot open for you and turn away other potential clients in order to secure your appointment. In the event of a cancellation with less than a 24 hr. notice, a cancellation fee of $50 will be charged. After three less than 24 hr. missed or cancelled appointments we will have to remove you from our calendar permanently. Payment of cancellation fee must be received prior to your next cleaning visit or we will not be able to continue services. This applies as well to visits by our staff where we are unable to gain access to your home due to being locked out (it is the homeowner's responsibility to provide us with a key or proper access to the home and a way to secure the house when leaving) - or if, for any reason, a staff member feels that his/her personal safety is endangered enough to cause him/her to leave the job site due to actions by the client, guests, or pets on the premises. If you would like to provide us with a key to your home, it will be kept secured in a lock box in our office and only disbursed on your scheduled cleaning day to the team leader servicing your home.

Payment is due at time of service. Payment is expected in full the day of the cleaning. We reserve the right to cancel your cleaning if no payment is available on the day of your cleaning and a cancellation fee of $50 will be charged. Any check returned from your bank will be assessed an additional fee of $25.

*We can accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express if you choose to pay by credit card. We offer credit card authorization forms to be filled out and kept secured in our office, that only our office manager will have access to and will run the card after your services have been rendered on your scheduled cleaning day.